Approach and Targets

Art to Science

Our curriculum theme is “Art to Science.”

Art should not be limited to just drawing or painting but viewed with a broader meaning; liberal arts, which include socialization and communication, are equally as important as mathematics and physical science. With these fundamental skills, we introduce the STEM subjects.

[STEM + Art = STEAM]
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts

Learning Through Experience

For young learners, learning opportunities are everywhere.

We believe that though experience, what was learned is stamped indelibly onto students’ minds. That is why our classes go beyond our classrooms, and why we invite specialists and professionals to our classrooms to show what they learned in real life. We go to embassies, museums, galleries…you name it! GGIS teachers find ways to make sure learning is real.

Targets and Goals for Each Age

We have programs for everyone from 0-year-old babies all the way up to elementary school students.

Below are our academic goals at GGIS for each age.
*Students’ English level will be checked before being admitted to certain programs.