Afterschool Program

Application Procedure

1. Please send an inquiry or join the orientation through the contact form
2. Set a trial date
3. Set up pick-up service (optional)*
4. Submission of enrollment documents
* If you need pick-up service, send us information regarding your requests and requirements such as time, place, etc.

Age 2–6 years, elementary school students
Open Hours Weekdays 8:00–20:00

Many students arrive around 13:00, stay until 18:00–19:00
Students can be accepted from 8:00 upon request

Enrollment Fee 55,000 yen
Annual Fee 25,300 yen
Fee Depending on your child’s lifestyle, what program they can join will
vary. Please contact us and we will propose the most suitable program
and fee for your family.

[Fee Examples]

Afterschool with Bus Service: 91,300 yen
Customized Plan with pick-up service: 96,000 yen*three hours every day + pick-up service at 1,200 yen/hour)
service at 1,200 yen/hour)
Additional Costs Textbooks, lunch and dinner, snacks, mineral water, transportation fee,
Criteria Depending on the program, a certain level of English is required. The
application process is required if your child needs pick-up service from