Mission and Core Values

We believe we are one big family. It is our mission to ensure that students feel loved and safe at GGIS so that they can grow both academically and socially.

Our students play, learn, laugh and even fight like brothers and sisters. GGIS teachers care for their students like their own family and parents are our education partners, not only for their own children but for the GGIS community.

We know that a stable and cohesive environment is a fundamental condition required for growth. As children start to feel safe and supported, this allows them to become more inquisitive. These are qualities we want to nurture in GGIS students.

Global Citizen

We make sure students learn to accept, cherish and enjoy differences.

In today’s rapidly changing and challenging world, developing communication skills in order to create solutions where there are conflicts is a very important socio-emotional quality. That is why we make sure students learn to accept, cherish and enjoy differences through exposure to various cultures and ideas.

Compassionate Leader

GGIS’s definition of a leader is someone at the center of a community, a heterarchical leader, as opposed to someone at the top of an organization, a hierarchical leader.

The heterarchical leader, the leader we aim to nourish, can listen, involve others and unify. We value these collaborative values in our teachers and staff at GGIS so that the best role models are within close reach!


Inquisitive Thinker

We believe asking “why,” “what,” and “how” is the essence of learning no matter a person’s age.

Life is more exciting and fruitful when we are open to the unknown. GGIS strives to educate our students to become proactive lifelong learners. To show that learning is a fun process we will provide intriguing experiences and “wows!” in our everyday lessons.