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Welcome! Yoyogi Campus in Spring 2024

GG International School is located in the heart of Tokyo in the Meguro-Shinagawa area. We offer full-day nursery and kindergarten programs, as well as an after-school program, to accommodate your family’s needs. All programs are designed to encourage an emerging sense of self while nurturing intellectual growth, exploration, and socialization in a safe, supportive environment for children aged six months to 12 years.

In 2024 spring, Yoyogi Campus will open. We are looking forward to meeting families around the Shibuya and Shinjuku area!  Yoyogi Campus will have a full-day nursery and kindergarten program.  Please join our orientations to hear all about what life is like at GGIS!

Orientation Dates

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Nursery or Kindergarten program, please attend the briefing session!

  • November 18, Sat 10:00 @online
  • November 29, Wed 17:00 @online
  • December 9, Sat 10:00 @online
  • December 20, Wed 17:00 @online
  • January 13, Sat 10:00 @online
  • January 24,Wed 17:00 @online
  • February 17th, Saturday 10:00-11:00 @Yoyogi campus
  • March 9th, Saturday 15:00-16:00 @Yoyogi campus

Orientation schedules for April 2024 and onwards are listed on the inquiry form.

Join Orientation

*Details about the orientation will be sent from the Administrative Office at a later date. The venue may change to another campus or to an online session depending on the construction schedule.
*Please use public transportation to come to the campus as there are no parking spaces available.

Any questions?

GG International School Administrative Office
Phone Number: 080-5955-3021   (Office Hours: Weekdays 9 am to 6 pm)

Overview of Yoyogi Campus

Campus Name GG International School Yoyogi Campus
Address 1 Chome-30-7 Honmachi, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0071

GG International School 1-3F

  • 7 minutes from Hatsudai Station
  • 15 minutes from Nishishinjuku Gochome
  • 12 minutes by bicycle from Yoyogi Station
Opening Month March 2024   *TBD
Programs and Ages Nursery: Approximately 6month to 2-year-olds

Kindergarten: 3-6 year olds

License Applying to be certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

*Ninkagai Hoiku Shisetsu Shoumeisho Koufu

Overview of the Facility 3 Floors


Classrooms, student bathrooms, sinks, creative room, library, office and meeting space, staff room, kitchen, adult bathrooms, rooftop, parking space for school buses, etc.

Bus  Pick-up and Drop-off buses are available *TBD
Hours Mondays through Fridays

8 am to 8 pm  *After 6 pm is an extension

Admission: Application Procedure

  1. Join orientation
  2. Interview with the principal or teacher
  3. Submission of enrollment documents
  4. After the screening process, receive the results
  5. Receive enrollment invoice
    *Enrollment invoice will include enrollment fee, annual fee, and the monthly fee for the first month
  6. Payment by the due date

* Accepting all applications throughout the year
* If payment is not confirmed by the due date, it will be considered as a cancellation of enrollment. Space secured for your child will be passed to other students.
* Enrollment date is either the 1st or the 16th of the month.
* The school may ask parents to pick the child up early depending on their age for the first week(s). The monthly fee will not change even in this case.


GG International School Administrative Office
Phone Number: 080-5955-3021   (Office Hours: Weekdays 9 am to 6 pm)