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New Campus “GGIS Annex”

New Campus “GGIS Annex” from April 1, 2021

We would like to thank our GG families for your continuous support. We are pleased to announce the opening of our new campus “GGIS Annex” for afterschool students which is located 2 minutes away from our Togoshi Campus. Classes will start at the new campus from Thursday, April 1st.  Details will be provided separately for student who will be eligible for the new campus. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Information Regarding the New Campus

  1. Campus Name
    GGIS Annex (abbreviation: ANX)
  2. Location 
    Tokyo, Shinagawa-Ku Hiratsuka 1-8-20 Miwa bldg. 3F
    *1min. walk from Togoshi-Ginza station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line
  1. Phone Number
    *Families will be notified once it is set
  2. Evacuation Site
    Keiyo Elementary School
    Shinagawa-Ku, Hiratsuka 2-19-20
  3. Opening Program
    Afterschool for student under 6 years old and elementary school students
  4. Students who are eligible to transfer to GGIS Annex
    Togoshi afterschool students and some Musashi-Koyama elementary school students.
    *West and Fudomae students are not eligible to transfer.
  1. New Campus: GGIS Annex – opening schedule
    Thursday, February 25th Open School
    Thursday, April 1st      -Afterschool Class will start at GGIS Annex